Natural Nail Care

Natural Nail Care - Polish Application £6.50  |  Shape and Polish £8.50

Choose from over one hundred different colours on display. Your polish will be applied with the appropriate base coat and finished off with a Supershiney top coat.

Basic Manicure £16.00

This includes cuticle treatment, nail shape and buff, hand massage and a polish of  your choice.

Dashing Diva French Wrap Manicure £25.00

The perfect French manicure that lasts. A very simple application that gives you perfect smile lines. It is fast drying and non-chipping.

Dashing Diva Removal £4.00

Luxury Manicure £22.50

All the benefits of a basic manicure but includes a low melting paraffin wax treatment.  This is a warming, healing, moisturising, peach infused treatment. The hand and wrist  are dipped into the wax and wrapped for 10 minutes to let the wax work its magic.

SpaManicure £25.00

A facial for the hands! On top of a basic manicure the SpaManicure has the added benefit of citrus infused products to enliven the senses and reawaken the skin.

Shellac, OPI gel colour or Gelish on top of a Pedicure/ Manicure/ Enhancements £8.50