Nail Enhancements


FULL SET - FROM £32.50

From natural nails to longer French manicured or natural looking nails using CND’s pioneering professional products. Your technician will discuss with you what look you would like to achieve. We do not use harsh abrasives or drills, which helps maintain the health of your nails.

Rebalance - FOREVER FRENCH £32.50  |  NATURAL £27.50

Two to Three weeks after application a rebalance is required to maintain the appearance  and health of your enhancements and your natural nails. This includes reshaping the nail, bringing the length to a comfortable level and applying fresh acrylic or gel so your nails look good as new.

Overlays - Forever French £32.50  |  Natural £27.50

For stronger natural nails. Acrylic or Gel is applied over your natural nails to enhance their strength. You can either keep the natural look of your nails or a French manicure can be achieved if desired.

Single Nail Repairs £4.00

Supershiney Top Coat £1.00

High Gloss Finishing Gel  £3.50

Soak Off Of Acrylic £6.50

Buff Off Of Gel £10.00