Foot Care

OPI Gel Colour on toes £25.00

Shellac on toes £20.00

Basic pedicure £21.50

Relax in a soothing foot bath which cleanses and deodorises your feet. We will work on your cuticle area before trimming, shaping and buffing your nails. We will then apply a soothing footscrub to your feet before applying a base coat, the enamel of your choice and a topcoat.

Luxury Pedicure £24.00

All the benefits of a basic pedicure but includes a low melting paraffin wax treatment. This is a warming, healing, moisturising, peach infused treatment. The foot and ankle are dipped into the wax and wrapped for 10 minutes to let the wax work its magic.

Creative Spa Pedicure £28.00

Softens the Feet and Soothes the Soul – this cooling treatment is laden with Dead Sea Salts and rich marine botanicals which provide a luxury for those looking for an effective but  pampering treatment. Marine SpaPedicure consists of balms, lotions and exfoliators which start at the feet and work their way to your mind and spirit via the senses. Plus all the  benefits of a basic pedicure.

Callus Peel £19.50

An amazing thirty minute treatment to remove hard skin on your feet, so you can say hello  to silky soft feet.